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general view

general view

" The only way to produce the best dental cnc machine is to have a visionary team and the best equipment. "

The dream “combining the highest performance machines with aesthetical design” of hard working, very experienced people in dental area, doing their work with passion has become real...

Our dental cad cam technology developed for dentists, laboratories, dental technicians provides performance as well as solutions to the dental cnc and dental cad/cam operational problems thanks to the experiences gained through many years.
We are always one step ahead of the dental sector thanks to our experience, rich engineer staff and our high standard production capacity. We offer the new generation dental technology with our products which have both high quality and speed together.

new digital standards
in dental technology

  • Quality & Trust

    We always take the demands of our clients into consideration.
    REDON Technology keeps working non stop on dental cnc, dental milling machine and dental cad/cam operations efficiency and perfection to meet your demands a lot better and to enhance your speed.
  • Technology

    REDON, one of the innovation leaders in the sector, continously progresses future oriented dental cad cam and dental cnc products.
    REDON optimises its product and service portfolio and determines the technological standards thanks to the combined innovation power.

  • Support

    Problems do not listen to the end of the shift. That is the reason why our specialists remain at your disposal on the phone 7 days a week 24 hours a day. We are here for whatever service (spindle service, dental milling machine, cnc, cad cam, spare parts etc.) you are looking for!