Redon Technology

we are always here
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  • Quality Control
  • "Quality kontrol at Redon Technology starts from the begining of the production process."
  • The components which form the products are quality-controlled before they are in the montage plant. All the components which are quality controlled take their place in the stocks to form Redon products.

    Redon Technology guarantees to present the same quality products to every customer making quality the standard.
  • Delivery
  • "We are with you for fast and reliable delivery."
  • Redon products are packed after quality control. Packages are traced with special parts against falls, flops, impacts which can appear during the transport. By this way, should there be a damage during transport it is identified.

    Redon products are insured against the damages which can ocur during delivery.
  • Post-Sale Support
  • "Every Redon product sold widens the Redon family one unit."
  • You have now become a member of Redon Technology with the product you have bought. As your problems are ours now, it is our priority to give you support and to find the easiest and fastest solutions for you.

    As Redon Technology Support Engineers; we are with you 24/7.
  • Maintenance Support Service
  • "We follow the maintenance time for you and we remind you if it when it is time."
  • Our technicians provide your machines with some maintenance service periodically to protect the speed and the high sensivity of your productions using Redon products. Longevity, the most important feature of Redon products, is supported by the periodic maintenance done.

    Redon Technology is always with you with all its staff.